Certain factors receive particular attention in the construction of a Martinez suit, with the result that these emphasized areas become hallmarks to the cognoscenti.

The Silhouette

The Martinez suit is patterned after the English cut: a product of the 200 year-old legacy of the great Savile Row tailors of London. Cut to fit good figures, the Martinez coat also flatters those that are somewhat less than perfect. The coat is equal in comfort to one with less, or looser shape while allowing more freedom of movement precisely because it is shaped to the body.

The Shoulder

The shoulderline must be straight, worn in any posture or position, yet sometimes it seems that very few designers understand the importance of this point. For if they did, we would not see as many otherwise well-proportioned men wearing twisted shoulders, shoulders which invariably succeed in distorting themselves. The shoulder is the hub of the wheel. Spokes, in the form of style details, are subsequently added but first must come the hub, the nucleus.


The proportions of a coat and trouser should be such that the wearer does not seem overwhelmed by his clothes. In keeping with good taste and judgment, the suit should be styled with correct proportions to flatter the wearer for many years to come without looking dated.

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